Multiforms has developed its expertise in the production of external facades, commencing in Dubai and recently adding a second state of the art factory in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Multiforms employs highly experienced and qualified installation and service crews together coupled together with stringently monitored quality control systems to ensure the highest level of quality, time and cost reliability. Our attention to detail and the focus on maximizing off-site fabrication by design have gained the company a reputable name in professional installations.



The Dubai facility currently provides 75% of the facade products for Multiforms and includes the following dedicated areas:
Our factory is equipped with state of the art machinery and highly skilled personnel to carry out any complex fabrication with utmost precision. By adopting the State-of-Art technology of our Bespoke Unitized System, we are able to complete the production of all types of Curtain Wall in our facility. Our Production Line is designed to minimize the production time and the strict quality control procedures practicable eliminate poor workmanship. As we can deliver fully completed elements inaccordance with the site requirements, the installation time can be minimized to meet the project programme.


  • Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.
  • Profile Machining
  • Frame Assembly
  • Automated assembly and bonding lines
  • Steel Production
  • Stainless Steel production
  • Aluminum sheet formation
  • Profile Rolling
  • Powder Coating
  • Logistics and Shipping Centre
  • Mock Up and Glass Inspection Facility
  • Aluminium Composite Cladding
  • Sainless Steel Fabrication


The decision of implementing the Glass factory was taken by Multiforms Management in 2006, in order to better support the full production process in house and allow Multiforms to be fully self sufficient in unitised curtain wall production.
  • Glass optimization and automate cutting
  • Polishing
  • Notching
  • Laser Drilling
  • Sandblasting Full
  • Sandblasting for Special Designs and Logos
  • Tempering, Heat Strengthening
  • UV Gluing
  • Ceramic Fritting and acrylic painting on glass.


Founded in 2002 as Arabian Company for Water and Power Development, ACWA Holding has attained remarkable success in just a few years. This was made possible through the immense vision of its founding partners, Al Muhaidib Group and Abdullah Abunayyan Group, who recognized the rapidly growing demand for power and water in Saudi Arabia and identified the benefits that could be gained by both the public and private sectors from the privatization of these two sectors. Since its founding, ACWA Holding, through its main affiliate ACWA Power International, has successfully pursued power and water development opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the wider Arabian Gulf region.


The Project Manager will usually be supported in the installation phase by a team consisting.
  • Experienced Site or Installation managers responsible for all the installation activities.
  • Logistics manager responsible for material deliveries, material handling, off loading, distribution and site equipment.
  • Safety manager and/or Safety Officer responsible for daily site checking, safety audits, incident reporting, PPE use.
  • Quality manager and/or quality officers responsible for ensuring that the installed products follow the inspection.
  • Project planner, working in Primavera or MS Project: the planner will set the full programme at day one from design.


Multiforms expenditure on an annual basis exceeds several hundred million dirhams. A significant part of that expenditure is with suppliers and therefore forms a critical part of the business that needs to be carefully managed and controlled. In developing its supply chain over many years Multiforms has built up a reliable data base of suppliers that can meet its demands in terms of quality, delivery on time and price, all of which are important to the business in their own way.

What is included

Our commitment fully extends to:

Proactively understands and delivers on time customer’s requirements, complying with internationally recognized quality standards and adapting industry accepted practices thereby achieving customer’s satisfaction.


The system is designed to cover quality management, environmental aspects and occupational health and safety risks that the facility can control and directly manage, and those that it does not directly control or manage but over which it can be expected to have an influence.

Issue and Update

The control of this manual is in accordance with Multiforms Document Control Procedure. Hard Copies of this manual are controlled using red colored controlled stamp.