Ayman Bustami

Despite the healthy growth of the industry in the UAE and the GCC, the aluminium curtain walling and façade industry has suffered substantial financial losses over the last decade, and in some cases even bankruptcies.

While much of the blame falls on the aluminium and façade fabricators themselves; mismanagement of their resources and processes, as well as committing to very low margins for technically challenging projects. Nevertheless, many clients and main contractors are also to blame for the downfall of this industry, as payment cycles became far too long, and legitimate variations are hardly ever dealt with fairly or adequately compensated. Moreover, there is often abuse of contracts where excessive securities are demanded and retained over several years!

This is why Multiforms’s focus is on delivering value. Whilst we operate in a price driven industry where cutting costs is the prime objective of some clients, we believe that there are high-end discerning clients who seek value and high standards of quality. It is these clients that understand the importance of lifecycle costs of their projects over their initial capital outlay.

Multiforms is now focused on building a strong technical and design team, and an experienced commercial workforce with high competency. We work with top professional designers and systems suppliers, who possess unique technical competencies and know-how, thus Multiforms provides cost-effective solutions that work and deliver functionality, as well as the architectural design intent. It is these solutions that provide end-user satisfaction and deliver value with minimal maintenance costs.

We collaborate with several key partners in fabrication and production. For each project there is a stringent selection process for the most suitable facility that meets the bespoke requirements of each individual project. Coupled with competitive production pricing, we are able to meet and often exceed customers’ expectations. The key strength in our unique business model is flexibility, effective management of our supply chain solutions and the consistent delivery of true value.